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Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Aircon Repair

Most property owners take up some form of home insurance to safeguard their valuable asset. Within a house are several other systems with a significant cost that every homeowner worries about as well. The air con is one of these systems. Running the home cooling system is costly because it contributes heavily to the electric… Read More »

Do You Want To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

How often do you renovate your home? You will note that most homeowners renovate their homes once in a while. You will note that once you renovate your home, it will look more beautiful and attractive. There are many ways through which you can renovate your home. One of these ways is by installing air… Read More »

Facts to consider when Getting Air conditioner Repair Services

Today air conditioner installation and servicing are a must-have in most homes. With that said, you will always need a dependable and trustworthy air conditioning repair firm that you may call for either repair or maintenance. So the question is, how does one recognize the top air conditioning repair services around them? Are there any… Read More »

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Air Conditioning Repair

A faulty AC unit can showcase some of the signs below:         Making strange noises         Running without blowing any cold air         Not turning on or turning off         Thermostat problems/AC temperature control If yours is acting this way, it is important to call in a professional who solve the problem so that you can continue using your… Read More »

Air Conditioner FAQs

If you’ve already decided on getting a brand new air conditioner but have so many questions about air conditioning left unanswered, then look no further than this article, as we try to answer the most frequently asked questions on air conditioning. Getting an air conditioner for your home is a worthy investment that’s sure to… Read More »

Is Your Wall Mounted Air Conditioner Ready to Take on the Heat? Here’s a Quick Maintenance Checklist

It’s easy to tell when the scorching summer months have come to your home: a clamour for iced juices at the breakfast table, the use of lighter items of clothing, a desire to spend early mornings outdoors but also the resolve to be indoors by noon. There’s also the desire to turn on your home’s… Read More »

Does Your AC Need A Professional Tune Up

Far from the regular air conditioning maintenance in Sydney, every HVAC system needs a professional tune up. This refers to a thorough clean up of the system involving a complete walk through efficiency tests. While the standard maintenance checks may help counter noticeable system faults, deeper and underlying system problems can only be detected and… Read More »

Situations in Which You May Need a Carrier Air Conditioner Service in Sydney

So you have just bought yourself a carrier air conditioner, and are enjoying its cooling effects this summer in Sydney. As you discuss things with your friends, you learn that an air conditioner should be well maintained, and serviced by qualified heating and air conditioning repair company. If you wonder when you should call for… Read More »

How to save money on air conditioner repairs

It is a fact that it is more expensive hiring technicians to attend to your air conditioner repairs during the hot summer months. This is because the number of people using AC systems in the hot months is higher and there are more problems with the air conditioners because of the strain it goes through… Read More »

The best time to call for AC repair

The only way you can assure yourself year long cooling and comfort is if your AC is well maintained and all Sydney air conditioning repairs are taken care of. Though you may be able to do some superficial cleaning and some simple DIY repairs, you have to call professionals to handle major repairs. If you… Read More »