4 Simple Tips on How to Save on Heating Prices

By | January 6, 2018

We all crave for it during the coldest times of the year: sometimes, there’s no better thing to do on a cold winter night than to stay home and keep warm. That’s because nothing is as comforting during the winter than a warm and cozy home.

Unfortunately, however, there’s definitely nothing comforting about a sky-high electric bill. We all want a home that keeps us feeling safe and comfortable, but ideally, not at an extreme cost, leaving a big dent in our wallets.

Want to know how you can save on your heating price during the coldest times of the year? Read on for more tips and tricks.

  1. Use the warmth you generate with other activities inside the home. Do you also enjoy cooking a warm and rich dish of beef stew during the winter? If you regularly cook, use the warmth that this activity generates inside the house to save on heating prices. Encourage the family to gather around and help in the kitchen for dinner, so you can all enjoy the warmth from the stove where you are making an edible masterpiece.

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There are plenty of other activities that you and the other inhabitants of your home do that generate heat. For instance, when you take a hot shower, keep the ventilation fan shut off and if you are comfortable with it, leave the bathroom door open. This allows the steam from the shower to leave the bathroom and reach other areas of your home.  What a cool (or in this case, warm) idea, don’t you think?

  1. Learn to love your layers. It is time to put that winter wardrobe of yours to good use. Wear socks at home to make sure your feet feel warm. Remember that if your feet are cold, your entire body will feel cold. You can even layer the socks you are wearing, using several pairs at once, for maximum warmth!

Still feeling cold? You can also opt to wear sweaters inside your home, adding layer upon layer of a sweater as much as you need them.

  1. Keep the heat trapped inside your home – and don’t let any escape! Keep doors and windows around the house sealed shut during the winter, so you don’t let the cold in and let the heat out. Look for any gaps in doors, windows and walls that might unnecessarily allow heat to escape, and seal them up immediately.  Just a small gap can let out a lot of heat, so sealing off all the ones you can spot can lead to a good amount of savings on heating prices.
  2. Lower the thermostat a few degrees. This applies to both your home’s space heater and water heater. Managing the temperature on your thermostat by a few degrees won’t make your home any less comfortable. In fact, it might hardly be noticeable to you and the other inhabitants of the house. Doing this, however, can lead to a noticeable drop in your energy bill.