6 Common Heating Problems And Repairs Needed In Hobart

By | July 11, 2017

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There is nothing worse than waking up cold in the dead of night, only to find out that your heating and cooling system no longer works. In such a case, you either have to explore other methods of keeping warm or call in emergency heating repair professionals. However, even if the Hobart heating professional offers 24-hour services, the damage will have already been done by exposing your family to cold. What if there was a way of detecting heating system problems before they render your home inhabitable? Here are some common HVAC defects that warrant heating system repairs:

  1. Furnace cycles on and off

If your furnace runs on and off, that isn’t just an inconvenience to your comfort; it is also an indicator of an underlying heating system problem. In most cases, the problem may be with a clogged air filter or a faulty thermostat. It is only advisable that you call in a heating repair expert to help detect and correct the problem.

  1. Unbalanced heating around the house

Have you ever noticed that some spots or rooms in the house are hot and others cold? This indicates that the system may be working correctly, but some vents are either blocked or dust-clogged and thus cannot bring in hot air. You, therefore, might as well as be waking up to a freezing night and an optimally functioning furnace but blocked vents. If you notice such hot and cold spots, contact a heating repair Hobart expert.

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  1. The furnace blows cold air

There are multiple factors prompting the reduced supply of warm air around the house. For instance, the air filter may be clogged, the furnace overheating, or even a knocked thermostat. And while you may correct such problems as a knocked thermostat, others like a constantly overheating furnace require professional checkup.  

  1. Funny noises from your furnace

The furnace is expected to run smoothly and noiselessly. It, therefore, shouldn’t make banging and clicking sounds or some other strange noises during operation. These are just indicators of a problem with either the furnace or another component of the heating system. In most cases, an irregularly fitted air filter or a loose screw or bolt are the leading causes of such noise. However, it may as well as a result of other foreign objects finding their way into the furnace. In such a case, have the furnace chamber inspected by a heater repair professional.

  1. The fan doesn’t stop

An optimally functioning fan or blower should only run for short periods and only to cool down a running furnace and prevent overheating. Therefore, there must be a problem if it runs continuously. In most cases, it will be malfunctioning fan limit switch control that can only be replaced by a heating repair Hobart expert.

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  1. The home isn’t warm enough

What happens when everything is working fine, but the furnace doesn’t produce enough heat to warm the home adequately? This is an indicator that you installed the wrong heating system size for your home. The only solution here is replacing it with the correct size for your home or resulting to the cumbersome process of heating one room at a time.

The home or business heating system is exposed to a myriad of problems. Most of which result from poor maintenance and which can be quickly rectified by heating repair Hobart professional. Otherwise, either individually or collectively, they end up making your home freezing and inhabitable if not addressed on time.