Air Conditioning Fit for Movie Set – Ducted Heating

By | March 10, 2018

Ducted air-conditioning is that soft kind you find working efficiently in every 5-star hotel. They are the ones you see in movies, where the hero/victim/criminal/cat has to crawl through the duct system to escape a monster/killer/parent. You can climb up into them, and crawl out of

them. Perhaps that is just science-fiction, and the actual ducts are too small nowadays for the film industry to make use of. Another name for ducted heating is central heating. Have you heard of it?

How does it work?

In ducted air-conditioning, you have a central unit working its magic somewhere in your house, but usually within your roof. Then you have ducts running from this unit to all the rooms you want air-conditioned. It is better to install it on paper first when designing your house, but it is not impossible to install it if you’ve just bought a ready-built house.

What types are there?

A Ducted system comes in two types, a cool only one, and a reverse cycle system that creates ducted heating. The reverse cycle is costly, as in thousands of dollars, but you get what you pay for – an efficient air-conditioning system that will pay for itself in the joy it brings you in heatwaves or freezing cold snaps. Of course, the ducted AC market has many variations to offer in this competitive industry. Global Warming only accelerates the race to create perfect climate control with a voice-activated remote built into your watch or phone. In the midst of a freezing winter, we want ducted heating.

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Is it suitable for my home?

A ducted system is suitable for homes and offices where there is space for ducts and a central unit. If your home is your eco-system, a ducted air-conditioner is like the climate, one which you can control by remote, and have an ambience throughout your home, without unsightly big boxes both in and outside it. Do you have an open plan home with no roof and no ceilings? Then you can’t have ducts, thus ducted heating isn’t quite the right fit for you.

Disadvantages of Ducted heating

  • It is very expensive to install
  • It is rather complicated in its set up
  • It can’t really be fixed by you with a screwdriver and a prayer
  • You’ll get used to it very quickly, thus creating first world problems in the future

Advantages of Ducted heating

  • Efficient Climate control at home by remote
  • It is far more aesthetically pleasing
  • You’ll save on energy costs despite the initial outlay
  • It’ll last long-term, thus it is an investment

Anyone busy designing their dream home right now should contact local air-conditioning services to discuss how ducted heating could be incorporated into their plans. In the long-term, you’ll be investing in comfort and an energy efficient AC system. A roaring fire might be romantic, but it is possible to have both. Why choose? Competition means that ducted heating is no longer a luxury. Why not look into ducted heating for your home? After all, the winters are only getting colder.