Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Aircon Repair

By | October 11, 2017

Most property owners take up some form of home insurance to safeguard their valuable asset. Within a house are several other systems with a significant cost that every homeowner worries about as well. The air con is one of these systems.

Running the home cooling system is costly because it contributes heavily to the electric bill and then there is those unexpected air conditioning repair cost. Most homeowners with insurance covers often wonder if their insurance can pay for aircon repair.

What the Typical Homeowner’s Insurance Covers

The average home insurance provides coverage in the event of a fire, floods, and several other natural disasters. Therefore, the insurance company can only cover air conditioning related costs if they are brought about by any of these issues.

It is important to note that not all insurance providers offer similar home coverage packages, and some might cover air conditioner costs.


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Getting Insurance that Covers Aircon Repair

The same reason why a homeowner gets home insurance protection is the same reason they should want to protect their air con system explicitly. A property owner can but a particular insurance cover that covers air condition repairs. A home appliance insurance cover caters to air conditioner repair costs.

You could probably get a major appliance cover from your current insurance provider. The insurance plan covers the home’s major appliances including the refrigerator, and a heating and cooling system. Homeowners can rest assured that the cover can handle their aircon repair costs when needed.

How does the Aircon Insurance Cover Work?

The air conditioning system often breaks down abruptly, and you can never predict it. For the homeowner with a major insurance appliance, when their air conditioner conks out all they have to do is get in touch with the insurance provider.

Most of these insurance providers have hotlines that homeowners can call at any time to get help with a broken down cooling system. The property owner can then describe their air con problem, and the insurance provider makes arrangements for a technician for air conditioning repair service.

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When it comes to the particular costs that a homeowner pays for repairs, it depends on the coverage a homeowner gets. Some covers might pay for the full repair costs while others can cover the payment up to a certain percentage. A way around this is to get a higher premium with minimum or no deductibles. It means that you may not have to pay for air conditioner repairs out of your pockets when you need these services.

Other Ways to Cover Air Conditioner Repair Costs

It helps when initially getting an air con system installed in your home to choose the extended warranty option. It means paying an additional upfront cost for the system. Given the number of future repair costs it covers, it is a worthwhile investment.

Property owners getting replacement air conditioners should choose the newer efficient units. These units come designed to operate with maximum efficiency. It means that the cooling system does not spike up the homeowner’s electric bill and with proper maintenance, the efficient systems can help reduce the need for aircon repair.