Does Your AC Need A Professional Tune Up

By | February 21, 2017

Far from the regular air conditioning maintenance in Sydney, every HVAC system needs a professional tune-up. This refers to a thorough clean up of the system involving a complete walkthrough efficiency tests. While the standard maintenance checks may help counter noticeable system faults, deeper and underlying system problems can only be detected and avoided through an AC tune-up.

What is the importance of an AC tune-up?

The most valuable benefit of an AC tune-up is the prevention of sudden breakdowns that inhibit the system’s comfort. Additionally, the tune-up also helps the unit regain performance and operational efficiency to optimality while increasing the system’s lifespan. The system tune-up also plays a significant role in helping you reduce the system’s operating expenses.

According to the air conditioning maintenance in Sydney, every heating, and cooling system should be subjected to a tune-up every year.

What does a tune up include?

heating and coolingCondenser clean up

One of the most important features of a system tune-up includes a comprehensive condenser clean up. Being one of the most vital features for the system’s operation, exceptional care is paid to ensure it is in a perfect working condition. This also involves inspection of the condenser coil and possible replacement as well as the functional confirmation of the amount of return air passing through the system.

Ductwork inspectionair conditioning Melbourne

What could happen to the ductwork? You might wonder considering the fact that they are safely tucked above the ceilings away from human touch. Nonetheless, slight exposures in these hidden places may become principal points of energy loss and causes of discomfort due to unbalanced thermoregulation. The ventilation is, therefore, inspected for leaks and cleaned of possible duct and debris blockages that might have passed through.

Moving parts inspection and lubrication

The condenser is propelled to action by the various moving components of the system that include the blowing motor and belt. These two are, therefore, subjected to wear and tear and thus need constant lubrication as well as the replacement from time to time. It is therefore during the system tune-up that the expert is best suited to either recommend a cleanup and debris removal, or replacement.

Inspect the connectors

There are two types of connectors servicing any HVAC system. These include the power and non-power connections. Air conditioner tune-up involves an inspection and clean-up of both. The power connectors are inspected of rust and the ability to efficiently conduct electricity to different parts of the condenser. On the other hand, the rest of the connectors are inspected at the base to ensure they aren’t loosely fit to allow for spills and leakages.

air conditioning service

Inspection of the electrical wiring

The electrical wireworks are some of the most sensitive parts of the conditioner and require review at every AC maintenance in Sydney schedule. During the tune-up, a professional servicer checks the wires for any form of exposure as well as conductivity and ability to adequately handle the different system power requirements. The expert also reviews the system’s primary source of electricity to ensure it is adequately secured with fuses and circuit breakers to guarantee protection from power surges.