Factors That Affect The Cost Of Air Conditioning Repair

By | August 4, 2017

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A faulty AC unit can showcase some of the signs below:

  •         Making strange noises
  •         Running without blowing any cold air
  •         Not turning on or turning off
  •         Thermostat problems/AC temperature control

If yours is acting this way, it is important to call in a professional who solve the problem so that you can continue using your unit correctly. The experts you call in will not offer their services for free. Some of the factors that affect how much you will pay for the air conditioning repair services include:

The Extent Of Damage

The problem that your AC system has is the primary factor that professionals use to come up with the price range that will use to bill you. Some small issues do not attract high fees especially in cases where technicians do not have to replace some parts. It costs more money for the air conditioning for example, if it has a significant problem and the repair persons have to replace some parts to that it can work efficiently. For instance, when fixing an air conditioner which has a refrigerant, you may end up paying more than you would if you were just replacing a blown fuse on the circuit breaker.

Sadly some repair work may even come close or higher to replacement costs. If it comes to this, you should seriously think about investing in a new unit that will work more efficiently to save you money.

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Air Conditioning Unit Type

If you are using a system that only features a cooling unit, you may expect to pay less than if you use the unit for both cooling and heating

AC Unit Fuel Type

The kind of power that your AC uses can affect the cost of repair. Most air conditioner repair professionals agree that electric systems are the lowest priced systems and they are also less costly in regards to maintenance. You will invest more cash in propane or natural gas AC Units.

Urgency Of The Repair Work

In most case, you may end up paying more if you need your problem to be fixed right away. It applies in particular when you need the air conditioning repair technicians to work at night or during the weekends when they do not offer the services. Here, they extend emergency repair services for which they usually charge more.

On the side, you may spend more on the repair if you do not hire local repairers because the ones that travel from far often include transportation costs in the bill.

Age Of The Air Conditioning System

Older units are typically more costly to repair than the newer models. In most scenarios, professionals that are handling air conditioning repair need to put in more effort when dealing with old systems.

Note that because of technical variations, it may be challenging trying to find replacement parts for the older unit. It implies that you may end up paying more because of transportation issues. Furthermore, it may also take up more time repairing as the expert try and source for the parts they need.

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