The History of Heating System

By | April 18, 2018

Heater Services are important in any type of house and any environment that house might reside in. Heater within a home not only provides the comforts of a nice temperature atmosphere within your home but it also provides some positives in the longevity of your home infrastructure. Let’s go on a time travelling look at the many different types of heating systems that have been used to warm the body and the hearth.

Back in the days of basic home technology, when we all had the basic shack, the houses that could afford it had a form of a heating system. In an old house, the heating came from what I like to call the great grandma cooking stove. It was a form of antique ware now that was a mix of a fireplace and a stove. I am sure most that have gone to the rustic mountain areas are gone to a lodge you have seen those big fireplace looking things with two to four looking hot plate cookers style on top of the contraption. They are considered antique wood stoves. The system idea is pretty basic, you put firewood in you let that turn to coals. The coals provide an internal heat or create conduction. That heated air is not really disbursed through the house but it emanates the heat directly from the stove. You might be asking a wood fire pit has a chimney so the smoke is lifted up out instead of smoking inside. The old antique style woods stove/heater has the same system, it will have a tube style mechanism that from air suction the smoke travels all the way through the metal or copper tubes out of the home through playing with suction and airflow through the flute vent of the wood fire stove/heater it created a pretty decent way of warming the home when electricity did not always exist in all homes. With the internal heat that was being given off the stove/heater give off enough heat to sustain the family from the bitter chills of the winter and fall months and also always providing a sure way to cook food. One big thing at that time was to always remember to get the long lasting types of fir wood. We all know different structures of wood has a faster burning rate while other burns slower. If that was your only source of cooking and heating most would look for the longest lasting type of wood to burn. Think instead of worrying about the heating bill worrying about if there are any good trees to cut down for firewood.

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What type of heating system do you use and have you ever thought of making that system more Green and energy cost-effective?

We have looked into the past now let’s look at the present. Today in an older home there are oil burning furnaces that feed too the air duct and the air duct disburses the heat throughout the house. There are some inefficiencies with that this type of system first the usage of gas some older models do not regulate and can be like older cars a guzzle it down. The most important is if you do not keep up with the maintenance of the gas furnaces it could create a devastating reaction. With this system the house also must us air flow to warm up the home, not very cost efficient and not very Green. Next, the electric heating system installation which we all know we see the ac heater unit square things in most homes or inside. This system consists of heating duct coils that push out warm air through. with this type of system, there are many different types of heating duct coil racks, because of that reason it becomes more energy systematic.