How To Find Out Whether You Need Water Heater Repair Or Replacement

By | August 29, 2017

The worst thing that can happen while taking a shower is the shower running cold. This is a common problem because wear and tear can lead to the eventual break down of household water heaters.

This can be attributed to many things like faulty parts or gas supply problems which is why it’s difficult for you to assess and find out what’s wrong with the water heater. This is when you need to call professional water heater repair services.

They will decide if it’s better repairing or replacing your heater. While repairing the heater is definitely a cost-effective option, sometimes, a replacement seems to be the more economical long-term decision.

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Some of the cases where water heater repair is more feasible and cost-effective are:

  1. Heater not producing hot water

This is usually because of some problems with the internal electrical or mechanical parts. It may also be due to a plumbing problem where cold water mixes with hot water.

  1. Funny popping or cracking noises coming from a heater

If you hear these sounds from the heater, it’s usually because the water in the heater gets so hot that it starts boiling. This is not supposed to happen, and usually is a consequence of the accumulation of sediment in the tank, and usually occurs in places where there is hard water. The remedy here is to remove the sediment from the tank, which is easy for your plumber to do.

  1. Smelly hot water

If you notice that the hot water from the heater emits some unpleasant odours, it usually means there is some bacterial growth in the water tank. These bacteria excrete sulphur and other compounds which trigger the foul smell in the tank. This can be rectified by thoroughly cleaning, and disinfecting the water heater.

  1. Leakage in pipes or storage tanks

If you notice water pooling near the water heater, it’s usually due to some leakage. As serious corrosion is the most common cause for leaks in tanks, you will most probably have to replace than heater repair. However in case the leak is from nearby connecting pipes or leaking temperature or pressure release valves, then your plumber will be able to repair it.

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Looking at this, most of the water heater problems can be repaired by your plumber. It’s only in the following cases that water heater replacement may be a better option, because some issues can’t be fixed, or isn’t worth fixing.

  • You may have to replace your heater if its damage isn’t easy or cheap to repair.
  • The age of your heater is the most common cause for water heater replacement as water heaters can typically last anywhere between 10-15 years. This means that continuous usage of the heater over a decade leads to its routine wear and tear which in turn takes its toll on the water heater.

While replacing water heaters is rather expensive, it’s sometimes better than repairing water heaters which tend to repeatedly break down. Besides, the older water heaters don’t have their original emery efficiency and give high monthly utility bills because of this. Heater replacement is definitely a better proposition than heater repair in such cases.