How To Save Money On Your Electrician’s Bill

By | November 16, 2017

Many people refrain from hiring electricians for electrical repairs as they quote high rates. This is however not surprising and is, in fact, valid as states have their own state requirements which have to be met to become qualified electrical professionals.

Some states require that engineers have 4000 hours of experience. This is about 2 years of 40-hour week work, and is the same amount of time needed to get a master’s degree! Considering the amount of experience they have, it’s actually better if you call them for your electrical problems. However, if cost or your budget is a constraint, here are some ways you can save money, and still afford to hire professional electrician Melbourne.

  1. Create your circuit directory

One of the best ways to save money on your bill is by creating or updating your circuit directory which you can do. Instead of they wasting half an hour to an hour trying to determine which of the many outdated and meaningless circuits feed the different parts of your house, you can keep everything ready for them.

Create a spreadsheet or document with two columns- the circuit number and places it serves. Then go through the house with a partner to verify which appliances turn on or off as you flip breakers on and off. While some electricians may not literally treat your directory, it will definitely save their time.

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  1. Keep the place ready

You are hiring professionals to rectify an electrical problem, and not to clean your home. So instead of making him waste his precious time, and charge you for cleaning the area, it’s better you move all obstructions so that he can quickly start work.

  1. Buy your own devices

Sometimes your electrical professional may quote or spend more on the necessary materials. That’s why it’s better if you do your own shopping so that you can compare and buy cheaper switches and outlets which complement your lighting devices. They will definitely be cheaper than the ones your electrician supplies.

Besides, you needn’t pay for labour to buy all this as you are doing it yourself. However, professionals will quote 3 digit amounts per hour as labour for the task. The only thing to remember is to buy the right items as if you don’t, you have no option but to accept whatever they provide.

Buying 20A outlets for 25A circuits is a no-no. And don’t buy things like wire, staples, wire nuts and boxes as they will go to waste as they will most probably bring them too.

  1. Be careful of internet electricians

Be careful while looking for electricians on the internet as there are so many websites signing up as affiliates of contractor-matching services. They earn as much as $25 to $50 as commission every time they lead people like you to an electrical service’s website, which is charged to you.

Besides, you may end up choosing an electrician who does only commercial and not residential electrical works or they may be located miles away. It’s better and cheaper for you if you approach them directly through reputable contractor matching services or reliable review sites.

These 4 tips will help save quite a lot of your electrician’s bill and give you more reason to always depend on them to handle all your electrical work and repairs.