Preventive Measures – Install Security Lighting to Protect Your Home

By | February 16, 2019

Security lighting can prevent any intrusion to your property and this lighting can protect your home and your family.

Thieves and robbers always intrude through dark places, because, it’s easy for them to hide in such dark places. Even, at the time of escaping, they choose shadowed places.

Security light installation can act as an alarm to aware you of and lighting can also protect your place by giving you a clear vision.

At night, without proper lighting, all your security cameras can’t detect any movement. With this security lighting, you can see your premises and it gives you a kind of satisfaction.

The face detection technology in the security cameras can’t do their work properly if your place is not properly lighted. Thieves and robbers fear your place when you have proper security lighting.

Types of Security Lighting

Security light installation requires a good knowledge of lighting. There are two types of lighting – 1. Automatic and 2. Static or fixed.

1. Automatic

Automatic lighting is equipped with modern technology and these lights are really intelligent. The popular name of this lighting is Sensor lighting.

Sensor lighting gets active when any movement is detected. There are some types of motion detectors in those lighting which can catch infrared energy and any type of heat waves.

Any movement of an animal or a human being can also be easily traced by these detectors.

As soon as these detectors sense a movement, they turn on the lights. This sudden attack of light makes any thief or burglar nervous. They run away and your place remains unharmed.

For the complete safety of your house, you can set these automatic lights indoors and outdoors. If you set these lights beside your doors or windows, they can give you protection during any break in.

There are some large lights which can be set to the corners of your property. For more security to your home, you can set these lights on the rooftops.

If you can’t install those lights, you can call electrical services or an electrician to help you.

2. Static or Fixed Lights

Static lights are those which give you all time protection during the night time. These lights are a great aid to the security cameras because with these lights cameras can detect any intrusion with more precision. The lights are not so much costly, so, these lights can be used almost anywhere.

These static lights depend on Lumens which is a unit of brightness. There are Floodlights which can give you a really bright light.

For normal lights you can use LED bulbs over 100 lumens and for floodlights (LED bulbs) over 1000 lumens will be good.

LED bulbs are good because they are cost-efficient and they offer more brightness.

These fixed lights can also be movable with the help of motors. There are some light motors which can change the directions of these lights. If you want two or three lights to cover your entire house area, you can use these movable motor lights.

Sensor lights are good options for both indoor and outdoor security lighting. But, fixed lights should be for the outside lighting as the outside require more active lights.

There are light systems that you can control remotely through the apps.

In case, if you are on holiday you can install a more advanced system of lighting. These lights run on solar power and the lights never turn off. These lights are charged on solar power, hence, they don’t require electricity.

Moreover, these lights have special sensors to understand the difference between Sunlight and darkness. So, after the Sunset when darkness pervades. these lights get automatically active.

For any installation or for any electrical repair, you can take the help of an expert electrician. Electrical services can also help you to install these lights and to secure your home.

Security light installation can protect your home and your family. With these security lights, you can have a safe home and a safe sleep.