Situations in Which You May Need a Carrier Air Conditioner Service in Sydney

By | January 5, 2017

So you have just bought yourself a carrier air conditioner, and are enjoying its cooling effects this summer in Sydney. As you discuss things with your friends, you learn that an air conditioner should be well maintained, and serviced by qualified heating and air conditioning repair company. If you wonder when you should call for a carrier air conditioner service, the following information should help you decide.

You know you need a servicing if you notice that your AC unit does not emit any cold air when in use. In most cases, this occurs if the AC’s outdoor condenser unit is not working. It’s only if the outdoor unit works and produces cool air will the indoor fan coil be able to dissipate the cool air. Your Sydney technician will be able to troubleshoot the outdoor condenser and solve your problem.

Water leakage

Your air conditioner needs a technician’s attention if you notice that it is leaking water. It’s normal for the air conditioner to have water condensate in its indoor fan coil which is usually discharged through a draining pipe.

Water leakage usually occurs if there is something blocking or choking the draining pipe. Some units have a pump installed to assist in the removal of the condensate if no gravity drain is possible. It is your ac replacement technician who will be able to find out, and solve the problem.

No cooling

You may require a carrier air conditioner service if your room does not get cold enough despite the air conditioning running for a few hours. There are various possible reasons for this to happen.

The culprit may be a dirty indoor fan coil which leads to the poor dispersion of cool air, or a dirty outdoor condenser which cannot produce cooling refrigerant. Other possible reasons are inadequate refrigerant in the AC system or some other problem which seems to be hampering the AC unit’s continuous operation.

Another reason may be because the temperature is set too high or because your AC unit is undersized. While you may be able to resolve the last two reasons, you may need your Sydney technician’s help with the other problems!

If you find that your air conditioning system is not working, it may be because there is no electrical power supply to the unit. So first check if the power supply to the AC has tripped. If this is not the problem, your friendly Sydney technician should be called in to repair your AC.

Prevention is always better than cure

Instead of waiting for problems to crop up, it’s recommended to have your residential air conditioner serviced and checked at least every 6 to 12 months. In case of commercial air conditioners, a carrier air conditioner service is advised every 4 to 6 months. Of course, this is not a fixed basis as the duration varies based on your usage and other environmental factors!

There, however, is no harm with regular air conditioning service as it improves the unit’s cooling and working efficiency, minimises the possibility of air-con leakages, prolongs the AC unit’s lifespan and reduces the possibilities and need for air-con repair.