The Best Time to Call for AC Repair

By | December 1, 2016

air conditioning service

The only way you can assure yourself year long cooling and comfort is if your AC is well maintained and all air conditioning repairs are taken care of. Though you may be able to do some superficial cleaning and some simple DIY repairs, you have to call professionals to handle major repairs. If you wonder when you should call for AC repair, well, it all depends on the scenario.

Nip Aircon repair in the bud

If you notice a drop in the air conditioner cooling levels, some hissing sounds from the outdoor units, a hike in your utility bills or some water condensation around the indoor unit, it’s better to call your AC technician as soon as possible.

A delay in such situations only leads to bigger complications and bills. The inconspicuous hissing sound can become a huge problem if you don’t have a professional take a look at it. You never know, the hissing sound may be the sound of the refrigerant escaping which can lead to a busted compressor if it’s not repaired!

Remember, air conditioning problems grow steadily. They start small, and slowly spread to create bigger problems through the system. \all AC repairs, no matter how big or small, should be taken care of soon. While you may be able to change filters and clean the outdoor unit, other work needs a professional’s skill and expertise.

In time for summer

Then again, if you do not notice anything amiss, there are other “best” times to call your AC technician. For example, as you will be using your system the most in summer, it’s better you schedule your AC repairs so that the unit’s ready to work in summer. There is a much smaller chance of a well-maintained unit running into problems in summer than a unit that had not been serviced.

Even overworking the unit, like perhaps running it round the clock without any breaks (like in summer) can overwork the unit and lead to problems. Though most air conditioners are designed to run for long periods, poorly maintained units will not be able to handle the work it’s expected to do in the hot summers.

After it’s summer work

While your AC keeps you cool, there is a high chance of your system overheating and malfunctioning. The main reason for the units overheating is hot temperatures and overworking. This is best rectified by topping the refrigerant, which is best done by the professionals.

The dust and pollen in the dry summer air can get trapped in the air conditioner’s filtration unit to hamper its performance. This is why it’s better to have your AC technician over in fall too to clean and take care of any AC repairs if required.

No matter when you eventually call over your HVAC technicians for AC repairs, it’s important that you always have a number of experienced and reliable HVAC services on hand. They should be available 24/7 as you never know when you may get a problem, or when you may remember or have the time to have them over to take a look at your air conditioner!