The Dos and Don’ts for Your Air Conditioner Before Winter Sets in

By | May 19, 2015

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Winters are around the corner. Air conditioners take a back seat and room heaters are coming out on the shelves. Allowing your air conditioner to turn off for a long time is welcoming a long-lasting damage. What should one do to prepare his air conditioner for the winters?

There is still a while to go before winter finally sets in. That gives a lot of scope for the final day servicing, repair, cleaning and other steps. Steps that seem minor but you will be thankful for them in the long run. Therefore, gear up to make your air conditioner ready for its hibernation, so that it is in its top form for summers once again. Here is how:

Regular Servicing

For Melbourne residents, it is time for you to search for air conditioning Melbourne. Select a professional service provider for your air conditioner. The best time would be to do it when the temperature is still moderate. That would be beneficial to you in keeping a check on multiple complex aircon issues.

Delaying timely service will not only prevent you from detecting potential air conditioner issues but also create a hindrance in taking certain safety measures. Remember to carry on procedural servicing and safety check such as inspection of electrical circuits, cleaning the appliance and its parts, turning off the air filter and more.

Precaution against freezing pipes

The last thing you would want to figure out when summers knock your door is that your air conditioner pipes have frozen due to low temperatures. Yes! It happens and you might have to shell out a lot of cash to make good the damage.

As always, prevention is better than cure. Speak to your service provider about it. Consider covering every exposed pipe on the outside with foam pipe covers. They are easily available over the counters or in supermarkets. The investment is worthwhile and will certainly save a big deal for you this winter.

Foam covers are amazing and prevent air conditioner pipes from freezing in extremely low temperatures. Research well and take into notice other steps that will protect various parts of your appliance.

Clean it up

Post the air conditioner clean up, it is important to clear up the area around it. Remember to clean the surrounding of the air conditioner well. Remember to clear the area around your air conditioner to not leave behind any matter or dirt that may damage your air conditioner. External debris might affect your air-conditioner performance in a negative manner.

It is not advisable to keep anything too close to the A.C. There must be a minimum gap of three feet between any debris and the air conditioner.

These very simple and quick steps will make air conditioner maintenance an easy affair. When unused for a long time, it is likely that your system will end up in a dilapidated condition. Therefore, during such seasonal changes, it is highly recommended to take proper care of such electronic appliances. This ensures a longer lifespan of the air conditioner.