The Importance of Heating System Cleaning

By | June 15, 2017


heating and cooling

The reason why commercial premises and homeowners get HVAC systems is to regulate internal temperatures year-round. However, due to poor maintenance habits, most of these units don’t work optimally or suffer from breakdowns regularly.

Heating system cleaning is necessary to maintain its peak performance.

Why Clean Your HVAC Unit?

  • Keeping Odours Away

Sometimes you might start getting wind of burnt smells and other odours. It could be dirt or debris burning up when the system powers on or smells may be due to mildew or mould present within the system.

A thorough cleaning of the heating unit’s air vents can help to eliminate these smells. It is wise to check for and fix leaky roofs or pipes that may be behind mildew and mould formation.

Cleanups after floods come highly recommended to reduce chances of mould growth within your HVAC unit.

  • Maintaining Your Heating System’s Performance

The primary cause of most heating system failures or sub par function can often be attributed to dust and debris buildup.

With thorough heating system cleaning, you will be able to maintain the full function and efficiency of your unit.

heating and cooling

  • Improve Heating and Cooling Quality

When it is cold, you’ll want to get your home heated up within the shortest time possible. Likewise, when it is hot, you’ll want your home cooled down quickly.

Keeping your HVAC system clean helps with improving and maintaining your unit’s heating and cooling quality.

Components That Need Regular Cleaning

  • The Casing Cleaning

Obvious, isn’t it? The first part of an HVAC system that needs cleaning would be its outer casing.

Depending on the location of the unit, the frequency and amount of cleaning required will vary. Heating systems with boilers located outdoors may need cleaning much more often than those situated indoors. Weather factors will also determine the frequency of cleaning required.

  • Cleaning The HVAC Air Filter

It is vital to clean and change the HVAC air filter, and this cannot be stressed enough.

The air filter’s role is to primarily keep dirt and other particles from getting to the internal components of the heating unit. As you can imagine, this leaves the air filter clogged up with all the dirt and particles it has collected.

Regular cleaning should keep the filter functioning as it should for longer and in turn protect other parts of the heating system from ultimate damage.

  • Cleaning The Ductworks

The ductwork is also highly susceptible to debris build-up and heating system cleaning can take care of this.

If the ductwork remains uncleaned for prolonged periods of time, debris, and dust buildup causes clogging. When there is clogging, the heating system has to work harder to heat up your home and results in higher energy costs. Technical issues can be a result of clog ups as well.

It goes without saying that cleaning up the ductwork tops the list of important heating system cleaning tasks.

Prevention, which is heating system cleaning in this case, is better than having to deal with costly heating repairs brought about by a lack of regular cleaning. It doesn’t take much to maintain your heating system performs, and all that is needed is regular clean-ups.