What are the Different Types of Electrical Services

By | May 21, 2018

The need for home service providers has been rising gradually over time and is bound to continue rising with the improvement of technology. Many households are in need of service providers to cater for their painting, electrical, plumbing and assembly needs. All of the services mentioned and a few others are in demand however one service, in particular, seems to cut across all households and plays a key part in the proper functioning of these households; the electrical services.

The electrical service is characterized by its ever-changing nature and is influenced by the constant improvement in technology. A tremendous movement from gas lighting to the various styles and techniques of electric lighting has laid the foundation upon which this service has thrived. Unlike plumbing which is characterized by fixing and laying pipes through which water flows, electrical services have been dynamic and new ones keep cropping up every other time in response to the changing stance of technology.

A number of settlements have cropped up and so have the various needs for this service and with the ever-growing number in the housing sector in the world, comes the need for installations, fittings, and repairs of their electric component.

electrical repairs

Some of the services that make up the electrical services category include and are not limited to the following;

Outlet installation

This involves setting up an outlet through which cables and power sources to appliances can be connected. Every household requires an outlet and with an outlet, installation comes the added functions of repair and replacement of old or spoilt outlets.

Light fixtures

Lighting is of primary importance to a house as it illuminates the darkness that one would otherwise have lived in if the choice was ignored. The lighting component of a house involves installation, repair, and replacement of lights around the house and in key parts to not only combat darkness but also provide a sense of security to the household owner.

Security camera installations

Installation of cameras around the house guarantees security and safety of property within the house. It’s an electric service that requires installation, maintenance of the cameras and repair or replacement of damaged and old cameras.

Light switch installation

Installing of light switches is as important as the installation of light sources within a house. The two move hand in hand and is an electrical service that is necessary by default when completing or building a house.

Smart thermostat installation

This service is not so relevant to tropical regions but is of great importance to houses outside the tropics because of the harsh weather conditions. Thermostat service requires its installation and occasional servicing to keep it working in a perfect condition.

Ceiling and bath fans

Setting up of a ceiling and bath fans do not only require installation only but also requires the repair and occasional servicing of the fans to keep them in a good state.

Appliance setup

Also in the field of electrical services is the setting up of appliances within a household. The appliance set up consists of but not limited to; Tv mounting, home theatre set up, to mention but a few.

So there you have it, a detailed list showing electrical services.