What is Included in the Concept of “Service Air Conditioners”?

By | January 9, 2019

First, cleaning the air conditioner. The city air is always rather polluted and saturated with dust, therefore, the external and internal blocks of the air conditioner must be cleaned sooner or later. This is especially true of the equipment, which is located at a small height above the ground – it receives several times more mud particles than it is in what is located on the upper floors. Air conditioners installed in buildings in industrial areas and near highways are quickly polluted. Due to the contamination of the radiator fins, the overall performance of the air conditioner as a whole is significantly reduced, the load on the compressor increases – in order to cool the air to the required temperature, it is forced to work hard. In addition, contaminated internal and external blocks are a favourable environment for the development of mould fungi, the spores of which, together with air, can penetrate into our lungs. Cleaning works as internal,

Secondly, the diagnosis of all air conditioning systems. This work is definitely not possible to do independently, since it requires specialized knowledge, and sometimes special equipment. The diagnostics include checking the health of the display modes and measuring the level of the refrigerant, monitoring the health of the electrical system of the unit, automation inside the condenser unit, and establishing the need to adjust the operating modes of the air conditioner, and much more. Of course, not all diagnostics are required to be carried out every season, but sooner or later this will have to be done, and therefore it is better to immediately include this type of service in the contract for maintenance of air conditioners.

Thirdly, the test unit in all its working conditions. Such a check will allow you to be sure that the air conditioner will not fail in any of the modes, with different power loads. At the same time, one more obligatory service point is usually carried out – measurements of a number of parameters that are important for the durable operation of an air conditioner. For the user, the deterioration of the split-system operation may be imperceptible, and only special diagnostics will be able to accurately identify problems that in the future can lead to serious consequences. If it is still possible to test the unit yourself, then measurement of the parameters is a task only for a professional with the appropriate equipment and knowledge.

Do not forget about safety: another important point is to check all the equipment for possible leaks of harmful substances, measure the pressure of freon, temperature indicators of work. Here you can’t do without a wizard and equipment – using such improvised tools, it’s impossible for a regular user to perform such diagnostics.

Every year, any cooling system loses a few percents of freon due to leaks into the atmosphere; this is a safe standard set by manufacturers. But stocks need to be replenished – without a refrigerant, the elements overheat and can simply burn out. Therefore, maintenance of the air conditioner necessarily includes charging with freon, which should be carried out if the diagnostics revealed a decrease in its quantity. Manufacturers and specialists categorically do not recommend refuelling on their own due to the high probability of air conditioner failure.

Unfortunately, even with proper use of any equipment, malfunctions can occur, and minor breakdowns can lead to malfunction of the entire unit as a whole. All these rules apply to climate equipment. In this regard, for service, it is worth contacting those companies where the complex of services includes the elimination of minor faults and the overhaul of air conditioners.

Service frequency

The frequency of cleaning air conditioner filters primarily depends on the total pollution of the air in the room. For example, a device installed in a regular city apartment must be cleaned (this also applies to clean the heat exchanger) 1-2 times a year, and additionally each time after a long idle time. The filter of the indoor unit (under the front panel of the air conditioner) needs to be cleaned 1-2 times a month, this is a simple procedure, and it is perfectly possible to cope with it without asking for help from specialists. It is described in the device manual.

To avoid damage to the air conditioner compressor, you should monitor the level of freon leakage annually. Leakage occurs constantly, through the smallest pores and joints of pipe joints, but it should not exceed 30-50 grams per year. Experienced specialists can determine the level and refill freon with the help of professional equipment, but problems with this part of the device can be identified independently – it is enough to pay attention to the deterioration in the quality of air cooling and the formation of frost on choke connections.

There are several types of periodic maintenance of air conditioners – monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual.

Diagnostics of all main systems of the device is made monthly. If defects are identified with fixtures, block guards or case elements, the malfunction must be corrected immediately. This also includes checking the control panel, general air conditioner operation, cleaning the entrance and exit louvres, as well as filters, testing the mode indication system, monitoring the drainage system, heat exchanger and air temperature coming from the indoor unit. Such a service option is necessary for air conditioners operating in large production-type rooms.

A quarterly device health check includes monthly services as well as a few additional ones. These include the study of the tightness of the connections of the circuit of movement of freon, control of its level and leakage. Also, the power wires on the terminal boxes, rubber wire connections, lugs and contacts, output blind actuators are subject to verification. The specialist controls the noise level, the pressure in the air conditioner and the temperature.

Semiannual maintenance involves checking at all points of quarterly services, as well as testing the electrical system of the device and mechanisms of the capacitor unit, the blades of fans, electric motors, the condition of the tubular electric heater when the oil in the compressor crankcase is heated. The master must check the level of the average suction pressure and the thermal insulation of the pipes along which the freon moves. Also, before each season, the operating modes of the air conditioner are re-regulated and the emergency shutdown system of the unit is tested.

Quarterly and semi-annual service is applicable at average loads on air conditioners, these options are considered optimal for office space.

The coil of the heat exchanger and the main components of the outdoor unit are cleaned annually or more often when the need arises. Additionally, a specialist conducts all semi-annual work and diagnoses the insulation resistance of electrical wiring. This option of air conditioning service is suitable for units operating in apartments irregularly and without large loads.